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7 Pounds PG-13 Will Smith stars in 7 pounds, But even though the PG-13 Rating you ask is it good for my kid or kids to see? I went to the movie and usually Will Smith in these funny great movies. I'm telling you do not bring your kids to that movie it a bad influence for your kid say 16 and under. Will Smith want's to commit suicide but the main purpose of the movie is people in need. But he gives away is house, his kidney, blood from his heart, and his eye cells to a blind man. Now do you want your kids to be looking up to Will Smith saying I'm going to give away this and that and thinking of committing suicide. I think it mite be inappropriate for some adults. I don't even know why they brought this or made this movie it's a bad influence. That's what your kids to be seeing and getting bad ideas. So parent thats reading this please that my advice and don't take your kids to 7 pounds. 

Marley & Me PG Marley & Me is a funny terrific movie to take your kids to see even parents mite get good laugh out of it. Hopefully you don't get a crazy dog like that. It is a good and funny movie but sadly in the end the dog is put to sleep cause of his crazyness. It starts out the husuband to get a gift for his wife and he buys Marley. And it all starts to go hecktik and all the bad stuff starts happening. So just letting you know Marley & Me is a great funny movie to take your kids to see 5 and up. 

The Quantum of Solace PG-13 The new action packed drama filling movie to see with James Bond doing his thing again killing bad gut pulling super wrestling moves try to stop Green company from buying a desert waste land and will try to dig for oil. Its a great movie for kids say 10 and up to see because when I saw it it was a sweet movie.



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(tiara, 2009-06-17 16:22)

that is so funny