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Call Of Duty (5) World At War (M) Call Of Duty 5 can also be pronownced as Cod5 so if you here someone saying Cod5 rocks or is cool or something with Cod5. Cod5 is one of the best selling video games on the market even though the (M) rating for the game it's good for your kids to play. Cod5 has gore(Death) swers and really sweet guns like the alaskin a lot of japanese soldiers use them. I have Cod5 and its a really awsome game. It's a pretty easy game to beat but it's still fun to play. But once you beat the game you won't play it as much. I've beaten the game already and its not as insteresting after. I want to make you aware that there are Japanese soldiers that come out of no were and run at you and yell "BONDZI"and run at you with a bayonet(knife) on the tip of there gun and they try to stab you but it only when you fight Japanese. And this is pretty cool you also get flame thrower's in the game and you get to burn people. Thank You, P.S. Get the game



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