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www.ewebsite.com is a great site for beginniers I'm currently using it. Its free and its good if you want just to have a website for fun and just a family site I suggest you create your site at ewebsite.com and if you get more and more into it you can create your site at IWantSBI.com thats where you can start making money with your site and they do a lot of helping you create your site and I highly recommend it. Even though its a lot of money its a great way to build a great site and then after a while you should put ads on your site like from google adsence you can find that by going to good and type in google adsence and then you start seeing a lot of money that is if you have traffic on your site. Traffic means a lot of people come to your site. But don't exspect. to make $1000 to $5000 a month or year it takes a while. Also you have to choose a topic your into and know a lot about and have detication to. And I know your sitting and saying why should I be listening to him instead of going to a professinal well I have a little expereance with site building so good luck if decide to build a site and I hope you enjoyed it!!!! P.S. I know all of the words aren't all spelled correctly


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this sucks

(BOB, 2009-01-09 21:48)

I hate this its horrible!!!!!